you talk way too much

a mixtape for coping with
you know, that one girl in your lecture hall
that just can't seem to keep her mouth shut

i'm pretty sure i've read somewhere that
one instrumental mixtape = five hours talk therapy

1. ratatat - kennedy
2. alarm will sound - cockver 10
3. manitoba - cherrybomb part II
4. miles davis - my ship
5. bell orchestre - synch, synching, synched
6. death in june - break the black ice (instrumental)
7. the watery graves of portland - caracas
8. the fall - mansion
9. the flaming lips - approaching pavonis mons by balloon (utopia planitia)
10. the books - getting the job done
11. caribou - pelican narrows
12. mum - i'm nine today
13. four tet - spirit fingers
14. do make say think - auberge le mouton noir
15. pupphertz - theme de frankenberry
16. mark mothersbaugh - ping island/lightning strike rescue op
17. the microphones - wide face
18. the go! team - everyone's a vip to someone

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one fantastic and entirely inappropriate
mixtape for a visit to the gynocologist

1. mount eerie - do not be afraid
2. thunderbirds are now! - better safe than safari
3. daughters - nurse, would you please prep patient for sexual doctor
4. the modern lovers - hospital
5. the blow - the touch me
6. ex models - brand new panties
7. adrian orange - blushing
8. devendra banhart - ovaries
9. the make-up - i didn't mean 2 turn you on
10. television - venus
11. add n to (x) - metal fingers in my bod
12. wire - surgeon's girl
13. joy division - insight
14. arab on radar - birth control blues
15. four tet - spirit fingers
16. jandek - naked in the afternoon
17. death from above 1979 - pull out

and scene.
Mah Tape


I just really felt like posting to:
A: Say hello
B: Show off my new mixtape icon.

I am in the process of making the best double disk this worlds ever seen...I will post it as soon as its completed. And also, have you guys seen this page?
You can make all sorts of mixtapes and post them all over the place.

If you have seen that page before, ignore me...

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I'm a big fan of the mixtape, so I thought I'd join up. I've posted some stuff to Art of the Mix because it's pretty fun to see what other folks' mixes are, but I'm also one of the folks who works on the Mixtape Wiki over at Your Subculture Soundtrack (well, I work on the rest of it, too). I just like that idea of having a mixtape wiki since it's cool to have people who are the type who write notes about songs they choose for their mixtapes to be able to have the song-notes all cross-referenced. Sorta like, if I put a song on a mixtape of mine, and you put the same one on one of yours, someone else can see what each of us have to say about that song -- getting different points of view on it.

So, one of the things we've been doing is putting in a bunch of albums so folks can review those, too. But, what that does is on the wanted pages list, brings up a bunch of songs. So, to get those off, what I did was compile a mix of those songs. But to make it interesting for myself and keeping it from basically being a DEVO/TMBG best-of, I went with non-standard versions where I could; live versions, demos, remixes, etc. (See, I'm actually getting to the point!) It's downloadable here (100MB Zip), and the notes are here.

The TracklistingCollapse )It's not as good as some mixes I've done, just because of the varying natures of these songs, but, if you're a fan of the acts, it might be kind of interesting. And, well, I'll have better mixes later! So, anyway, though, hope you dig it!
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...just curious, but...

a mix i made today for my boyfriend; opinions? feedback?

Unconventional "love" songs for unconventional "love"
1. buddhist monks of maitri vihar - "ceremonial horns and cymbals"
2. beat happening - "you turn me on"
3. broken social scene - "i'm still your fag"
4. animal collective - "the purple bottle"
5. ibopa - "sex so evil"
6. the arcade fire - "rebellion (lies)"
7. the magnetic fields - "100,000 fireflies"
8. the robot ate me - "watermelon sugar"
9. cole porter (featuring vocals by frank sinatra) - "mind if i make love to you"
10. the beach boys - "god only knows"
11. morrissey - "angel, angel, down we go together"
12. rod stewart - "jo's lament"
13. okkervil river - "dead dog song"
14. mr. freddie - "let's go riding"
15. palace brothers - "i send my love to you"
16. cat power - "good woman"
17. (smog) - "our anniversary"
18. xiu xiu - "fabulous muscles (mama black widow version)"
19. the microphones - "you'll be in the air"
20. tom waits - "november"
21. antony & the johnsons - "hope there's someone"
22. jon brion - "elephant parade"
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Making a mixtape...

I'm trying to make a mixtape with songs that represent the mood I've been in lately. Most of which revolve around my ex-boyfriend. I need songs about feeling not good enough, still being in love with him, wishing to move on, feeling jealous of his current girlfriend, remembering the good times, regret, him changing, him covering up his feelings and/or being thankful for all the good times and the experience.

As for genre of music, I'm open to anything and everything.

Thanks in advance.

(X-posted like crazy.)

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I just heard "Singing in the Bathtub" by Robert Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders for the first time and felt inspired to make a bathtub mix. Any ideas?
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Hey! A mixtape community that has good music listed! A rare find, indeed. Alot of mix tape communities are really not very helpful because they suggest really really terrible stuff. "John Mayer is GREAT for road trips!" Erk.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody could maybe suggest some good songs that could help a baby get to sleep? My best friend's baby is turning one next weekend, and I wanted to make him a tape. I certainly don't want him to grow up listening to crap music, and good sleeping music should make his dreams a little more intersting or something.

Thank you very very much for any help.
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hi, i'm new, i don't know if it's weird i'm in this community and if you all are friends. but i do love making a mixtape, and get angry when i make one that doesn't 'flow' well. but the experience of making a failure is still fun. i just made a good instrumental one, but my last real success was one i made when i was feeling down.

lilac wine- jeff buckley
i'd have you anytime-george harrison
por todo minha vida-savath and savalas
exit music (for a film)- radiohead
mistress- inara george
where did you sleep last night?-nirvana
somebody i used to know- elliot smith
faraway swimmingpool- mum
beautiful feeling- pj harvey and thomthom
never tear us apart- inxs
ambulance- blur
alone in kyoto- air
you and whose army- radiohead
is that all there is?- pj harvey
le yatching- erik satie
trouble-cat stevens
pink love- blonde redhead
love- john lennon
la dispute-yann tierssen
retour a vega-the stills

i actually can't even listen to it anymore, but it was one of those that made you feel good inside after listening to the finished product. bye.